I've given a few talks at the UPR, here are the slides and the sources for most of them. All these documents may be freely distributed. Proper attribution is appreciated if you use them.

Invited Talks

A Survey of Bioinformatics. University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine RCMI lecture series. May 1997.

``Good'' Markers and ``True'' Maps: Combinatorial Algorithms for Genetic and Radiation Hybrid Mapping. University of Puerto Rico, Biology Department regular seminar series. August 1997.

sambatalk: How to get linux to act as a file and print server to Windows and Macs. Given September 15, 1997 to Dr Isidore Brodsky's Operating Systems class at the UPR.

linux: a brief introduction to the linux way of doing things. Given to the UPR Computer Science undergraduate students on September 8, 2000.

Python: my favorite programming language. Presented at the first Linux-PR Installfest, September 17, 2000.

Bioinformatics at the HPCf an introduction to the bioinformatics services at the HPCf, and our plans for the future. Presented January 31, 2001, at the Institute of Neurobiology, and again at the UPR-RCM for Dr. Carmen Cadilla's genetics course.

Clustering Microarray Expression Data: a survey, with some examples, of clustering techniques for microarray expression data. Presented March 15, 2001, at the UPR-RRP for Dr. Sandra Peña's Functional Genomics course.

Inferring Gene Regulation Networks From Microarray Expression Data: a survey of gene regulatory network inference techniques for microarray expression data. Presented March 29, 2001, at UPR-RRP for Dr. Sandra Peña's Functional Genomics course.

Ethical issues in bioinformatics: a list of recent cases that illustrate the ethical issues confronting bioinformatics. These cases are taken from the news items. Presented May 8, 2001 as part of the UPR-RCM bioethics course held by Dr. Emma Fernandez.

Sequence analysis using seqweb at the HPCf: a workshop on the GCG web interface seqweb. Presented November 1, 2001 at the HPCf, and again November 15, 2001 at UPR-RUM .

Bootstrapping into Bioinformatics: the outline of a 5 week crash course on bioinformatics being developed for Dr. Fernando Gonzalez, UPR-RRP.

Sequence Analysis Using SeqWeb at the High Performance Computing Facility a seminar illustrating the use of seqweb and GCG to perform simple sequence analysis tasks. Presented Tuesday, March 21, 2002 at the UPR-RCM, sponsored by the RCMI program.

Probe-level microarray analysis. Presented November 12, 2008, at the UPR-RRP Biology Department regular seminar.

The Reverse Engineering Problem in Genetic Networks. Oscar Moreno (UPR-Río Piedras) Maria Alicia Aviño (UPR- Cayey) Dorothy Bollman (UPR- Mayaguez) Humberto Ortiz (UPR HPCf), Presented at the BRIN-PR 1st Annual Symposium Biotechnology and Modern Medicine, October 11, 2002 San Juan Puerto Rico.

Finite Fields and Microarrays. (175 KB PDF file) Presented January 29, 2003 at the HPCf and UPR-RUM, in fulfillment of the doctoral seminar. The latex source for the talk.

Genes for Geeks: an introduction to molecular biology for computer scientists (138 KB PDF file). Given as part of Dr. Janwa's Introduction to Information Theory and Bioinformatics course, February 11, 2003, UPR-RRP. Revised September 7, 2005 for Dr. Oscar Moreno's Bioinformatics course UPR-RRP. The latex source for the talk.

A Survey of Bioinformatics: a look at some problems in bioinformatics I find intereseting (835 KB PDF file, updated from the 1997 talk). Given as part of Dr. Janwa's Introduction to Information Theory and Bioinformatics course, February 18, 2003, UPR-RRP. Many of the source files for the illustrations were lost, Maria Mergal was kind enough to scan some old transparencies, and those are included in the PDF file. The latex source for the talk.

Linux at the HPCf: given Monday, June 9, 2003 at the Desarollo de Linux en Puerto Rico conference, San Juan Marriott Hotel. The above link is the PDF of the slides, here is the latex source to the slides.

Two talks given as part of my interview for a position in the computer science department at UPR-RRP "Bioinformatics and Computational Biology" for the undergraduate student seminar on August 18, and "Analysis Techniques for Probe-level Microarray Data" for the faculty on August 20, 2009. Latex here and here.

Clustering and reverse engineering: from genes to the metabolome. given September 18, 2009 for Dr. Nataliya Chorna's Metabolomics class in UPR-RRP. The slides were supposed to update and combine my clustering and reverse engineering talks on microarrays, but I didn't quite succeed (latex source).

Network Tuning at the UPR for Transmission of Multispectral Images in Support of Relief Efforts in Haiti, Presented at the Internet2 Member Meeting, Arlington, Virginia, April 27, 2010.

Network Tuning for Rapid Transmission of Multispectral Images for Relief Efforts in Haiti Presented at the Caribbean Regional Interest Group, Internet2 Member Meeting, Arlington, Virginia, April 29, 2010.

Bioinformatics: Principles and Applications, workshop held Thursday, May 27, 2010 at the Centro de Educacion Virtual in the Encarnacion Valdez Library of the Pontificial Catholic University of Puerto Rico.

Research Networking in Puerto Rico. Presented at the Caribbean Telecommunications Union Caribbean Information Communication Technology Roadshow, San Juan, Puerto Rico, April 15, 2011.

Microarray analysis of oral cancer samples (slides, handout). Presented at An Introduction to Microarray Data Analysis workshop, Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico, April 27, 2011. (Sweave sources: slides, manual)

Introduction to nanocomputation (20 contact hours). In Workshops for Science Teachers in the K-12 Level, Mayaguez, PR, November 12-13, 2011.

Introduction to Python (course page), an AECC workshop on the python programming language, San Juan, PR, March 17, 24 and 31, and again in October 2012.

Using limma for microarray and RNA-Seq analysis. A workshop for the Research Design, Biostatistics and Clinical Research Ethics (DBE) key function of the PRCTRC, San Juan, PR, March 7, 2013. (Handout)

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