11 Oct

Status Report After Hurricane Maria

We hope that this message finds you all safely.

As you all probably know, hurricane Maria has brought an unprecedented amount of devastation to all of Puerto Rico. The HPCf has luckily not suffered many damages and our staff and equipment are safe. Yesterday, 20 days after Maria’s passage through the island, we finally managed to restore most of our virtual machines, which host a significant amount of HPCf services, including our website.

At the time of writing, our cluster Boqueron seems to be working as usual, and users should be able to log in and submit jobs. During the hurricane, there was a power outage that knocked out 20 of Boqueron’s nodes and wiped out any jobs that were running there. Out of those 20 nodes, 19 have been restored. If you encounter any issues with Boqueron, please let us know.

While our machines are working close to normal, the HPCf offices themselves are still not fully operational. We have no electricity there yet, and so HPCf staff may be slow to respond to user tickets and inquiries. We thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

We hope that you are all safe and that we can all recover quickly from hurricane Maria’s devastation.