08 Dec

New Cluster Build – Notice of Delay – 12/8/2015

The build of our new cluster has been unexpectedly delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.  The new estimated date for the new cluster to go online is tentatively by December 18th, provided the current situation is resolved quickly.  We apologize for the inconvenience this causes and thank you for your continued patience and support.  In the meantime, we reinstalled twenty nodes back into Nanobio to help alleviate the traffic jam in the queues. Following is an explanation of the current delay.

What has caused the delay

One of the new machines we purchased for the new cluster came with a defective crucial part.  It took us a while to pinpoint that that was the case, due in part to the variety of tests that have to be run to determine that the problem is indeed a hardware issue.  We then waited a few weeks for the new part to come in, but it seems a mistake was made in shipment and the wrong part was sent, so we are now making arrangements to have another replacement sent to us.  We will keep you updated on the process.