08 Mar

New Cluster Build – Beta Launch is Live

We are pleased to announce that Boqueron’s beta has launched.  We are adding users progressively instead of all at once in order to ease the transition from Nanobio.  Users will know that they have been added when they receive an email message with details on logging in to Boqueron.  If you haven’t received your email message yet, you will soon.  Users are encouraged to explore the cluster and compare how it works vs. how Nanobio works.

Software is still being added to the cluster, but even if your software is not yet available, you can start working on becoming familiar with Boqueron and transferring the files you will need for your work.

Also, please remember to request the software that you will need if it has not yet been added to Boqueron.  You can do so by sending us a message at help(at)hpcf.upr.edu with the subject line

[Boqueron Software Request]

We thank you for your patience throughout this long process and hope that you will enjoy using Boqueron for your work.