I'm the director and Programmer-Archaeologist of the UPR High Performance Computing facility, where I currently work on the analysis of gene expression using microarrays, and helped set up the Internet services at the HPCf along with William Caban, Yotuel Gonzalez, Elson Frontany, and the rest of our students.

I'm currently also working on several projects with the Biology Department, of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus.

Until January 2000, I worked at the Institute of Neurobiology . I set up the Internet services at the Institute, and also developed software for sequence analysis and other biological applications.

I used to work with Dr. Bruce Rosen of UTSA using neural networks to analyze fetal heart rate recordings for signs of complications during pregnancy. Dr Rosen is now at UCLA.

Until August 1995 I was a consultant with Taos Mountain Software, working at Silicon Graphics Computer Systems. That was a lot of fun!

Before that I worked with Dr. John Franco of the University of Cincinnati , on GRACE, a package for Groundwater remediation simulations. Dr Franco and I also worked with Dr Fred Annexstein, and Dr. RP Swaminathan on a DIMACS Challenge on 3SAT, implementing a distributed 3SAT solver over PVM. I just recently found a copy of the software on the net.

In ancient times I worked with Dr. Nick Sperelakis, also from UC. We simulated action potential propagation across chains of cardiac cells. This was before the WWW, so I don't have any spiffy URL's.

A copy of my full CV is available online.

Troglodita approved!

Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga

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