Picture of the April 8, 2005 eclipse

There was a partial eclipse of the sun April 8 2005 visible from San Juan, Puerto Rico. At maximum extent, about 70% of the sun was to be obscured by the moon. I set up a 6 inch Newtonian reflector to project the image onto a sheet of paper, and my family and I got a few minutes of good observation when the sun was about 25% eclipsed.

Unfortunately, after a record month of no rain or clouds in San Juan, Thursday and Friday were rainy and cloudy. I took this picture about 10 minutes before the maximum extent of the eclipse, and about half an hour later the sun set.

It was a pretty sunset though.

Cloudy sunset, the April 8, 2005 partial eclipse of the sun.

Troglodita approved!

Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga

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