Pictures of the October 27, 2004 lunar eclipse

These are pictures of the total lunar eclipse on October 27, 2004. I took them through a Cannon PowerShot A20 digital camera held up to the objective. The first few are with a pair of Pentax 10x50 PCF WP binoculars. The night was really cloudy. After it cleared a bit, I got out my Celestron C6N and took the rest.

All of them are pretty bad. Either out of focus or overexposed. I tried a bunch of settings on the camera, but settled down with manual exposure, focus set to infinity, no flash. The focus isn't quite in the same place for the camera and my eye, and I didn't check the focus on any of these until the next morning.

It's a shame, because I did get a great picture of the moon with this set up, but on the 26'th of October, the night before the eclipse:

A good picure of the moon

Maybe next time!

img_1120.jpg img_1121.jpg img_1122.jpg img_1123.jpg img_1124.jpg img_1125.jpg img_1126.jpg img_1127.jpg img_1128.jpg img_1129.jpg img_1130.jpg img_1131.jpg img_1132.jpg img_1133.jpg img_1134.jpg img_1135.jpg img_1136.jpg img_1137.jpg img_1138.jpg img_1139.jpg img_1140.jpg img_1141.jpg img_1142.jpg img_1143.jpg img_1144.jpg img_1145.jpg img_1146.jpg img_1147.jpg img_1148.jpg img_1149.jpg img_1150.jpg img_1151.jpg img_1152.jpg img_1153.jpg img_1154.jpg img_1155.jpg img_1156.jpg img_1157.jpg img_1158.jpg

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