Installing linux 0.11

I was lurking on comp.os.minix when Linus posted a note saying in effect, he was going to write his own OS. I thought, "What a nut!" I was still lurking about a year later when he announced it was up for ftp. I was playing with Coherent on an old PDP-11, and trying to get Quarterdeck's DesqView multitasking environment working on a 386-SX, 16MHz, 4MB RAM machine. I was trying to figure out if minix 386 would be worth the hassle, and decided to try linux a bit later.

I got the thing working fine off floppies, and a little later, decided to give up a whopping 30 MB of my precious 80MB HD to try and install linux. Here's a transcript of the logbook I kept for my computer during the initial install.

Linux 0.11

Partition HD 30:50 Linux - DOS. Create a DOS primary partition first, then use something else to make a second partition. Don't make an extended dos partition, Linux can't read them. try part.exe or norton.

Emergency disk has all I need to get back to start, hopefully.

Dos Boot has: fdisk, format, edpart, part.

Linux 0.11 reports:

Kernel panic: HD controller not ready

When booting in turbo mode.

Partition table

System  Boot Side Cyl Sec Side Cyl Sec rel sec # sec
bigdos  yes  1    0   1   9    963 17  17      168363

Pdisk worked, I have 2 16 bit dos partitions. 51 + 29 MB. Second partition is another dos partition. Formatted c: with MSDOS 5.0 OK.

Linux fdisk reports

/dev/hd1: 52266 Blocks active 16-bit DOS
/dev/hd2: 29750 blocks 16-bit DOS

mkfs -c /dev/hd2 29750
9916 inodes
29750 blocks
Firstdatazone = 318 (318)
Zonesize = 1024
Maxsize = 268966912

cd /
mount dev/hd2 /user
cd /user
for i in bin dev etc usr tmp floppy
  cp +recursive +verbose /$i i

Restored c: dos drive. Dos thinks I've got a d: drive (mkfs does not change partition type)

I'll try changing the type with norton, or pdisk. I may have to mkfs again though.

Changed partition type to PCIX with norton. No drive d: mesup, Linux didn't complain either.

Edit boot image with diskedit (norton) decimal offset 508 = 0x02, 509 = 0x03. Rawrite to a: [Linux boot] turbo off: Boot OK. turbo on:

HD-controller reset failed : d0

but works

mknod /dev/at0 b 2 8
mknod /dev/PS1 b 2 29

Made floppy devices OK?

Read a raw tar file in a:

tar xvf /dev/at0

works. Untarred kermit.2 and less-177 into /tmp.

Less should be installed in /usr/local/bin. less manpages ???. less.key, less.hlp left in /tmp/less

kermit in /usr/local/bin

chmod u+x

What line to use? /dev/tty2 = com2

tar xvf /dev/PS1

looks good too

text util in /tmp

fsck -v

no errors!

Troglodita approved!

Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga

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