wclique genetic marker selection program


wclique is a C++ program that helps select genetic or RH markers for framework mapping. wclique is copyrighted material, but may be freely distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

wclique has been updated to include a new local search heuristic which allows it to run on much larger data sets. The current version can confortably run with the default parameters on 300 markers. This version of wclique was used to prepare the RH maps of human chromosome 3 and 8 presented at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Genome Mapping and Sequencing conferece May 14 - 18, 1997.

A zip file with the source code to wclique is available here: wclique-0.1.zip (28Kb).

A short tutorial on how we use wclique to construct genetic or RH maps is available.

To compile wclique you (temporarily?) need the LEDA Library installed. This class library provides string, array and graph classes used in wclique. It looks like I can replace this with STL (the C++ Standard Template Library) instead, so look for a version that doesn't require LEDA soon. I've compiled wclique on a linux 2.0 system (Redhat 3.0.3) and a Solaris 2.4 system, both using g++ 2.7.2. Once I get LEDA replaced, wclique should compile on just about any C++ compiler, it doesn't do anything fancy.

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